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Our path-way is to observe Seerat-e-Masoomeen. Our each and every Majlis / Mahfil starts with Recitation from the Holly Quran and ends with the remembrance of sacrifice of Shohda-e-Islam.

And this is a fact beyond any doubt that Azadari-e-Syed-us-Shoda Hazasrat Imam Hussain A.S. played a vital role in introducing and identifying ourselves. This Azadari also helped in image building of Shiat, history of which is spread over hundreds of years.After partition of Sub-Continent in 1948, the organization / institution who played a very significant and impressive role in expansion of Azadari-e-Syed-us-Shohda is the

The Majlis-e-Aza and Precession managed and organized under the auspices of Pak Moharram Association are not only in Karachi, Pakistan rather in Sub-Continent are well recognized as prestigious. Our elders / veteran brothers are the eye-witness who are visualizing themselves the performance of this Association for more than a half century.In 1947 when Pakistan came into being, Muslims of minority areas moved to Karachi the biggest City of Pakistan after Read More>>

President’s Message

Pak Moharram Association has been serving since 1947 and played a vital role in expansion of Azadar-e-Syed ush shuhada(a.s) for which the foundation was laid by the lady from whose head her veil had been ripped off, but whose unconquerable spirit stepped forward to aware and deliver the underlying philosophy of Martyrdom of Hussain(a.s) to the people.

Majalis e Husain are not arranged only for the sake of condoling with Bibi Fatima or shedding tears on martyrdom, but we also would like to nurture Islamic doctrine in each one of us and that our children and their descendants remain committed to the cause of Imam Hussain(a.s)

We also serve for humanity the helpless people, who lost their hopes and dreams, through financial and moral help. We are also involved in fostering educational environment in the society.

All Majslis, Milad, processions, welfare, educational and other activities which are being performed by PMA could not be possible without the support of those who heartily and abundantly contributed from all over world and in Pakistan for the mission or cause of Masoomeen. I specially would like to thanks all and extend my heartiest facilitation to them for their continued support for this magnanimous cause and seek their continued patronage in operating with an enhanced approach.

Our cherished dream to foster cordial relation among Muslim ummah,so they serve for Islam and war against Muslim enemies.

Majlis- e -Hussain is an appealing gadget of (preach) tableegh .We are accountable  to Allah and His beloved Prophet  Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa (S.A.W) to ensure that our children grow up to accept Majlis e Hussain not as a ritualistic activity nor as means for apology or compensation, but as a serious promise to the basic values of Islam and I pray ,May Almighty Allah accept our efforts and write our name with those  salves of Imam-e-Zamana (a.f) who would present their lives for islam in front of Imam-e-Asar(a.f)

Markazi Ashray-e-Majlis Allama Talib Johri, Nishtar Park, 2014

مجلس عزا

مقامِ محمود اور صدق و حق

 خطاب: علامہ طالب جوہری

 نشتر پارک، کراچی

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Markazi Majlis o Juloos Shahadat-e-IMAM HASSAN a.s